Welcome to YourPapers.org

Thank you for your interest in YourPapers.org. You might wonder what this website is about, now that there is not much to see yet. My idea is simple: Let's create a place where everyone may publish any kind of document for free and under a free licence!

What kind of document do you mean?

Have you ever written a paper? Maybe a term paper, a thesis or a lecture note for your students? Or did you create something completely different like a poem, a song, a drawing or a map? Whatever it is, it surely does not deserve ending up in your bookshelf, drawer or waste basket. Share your knowledge, so share your papers with the world!

How does it work?

There are two steps. The first is to publish your work under a free licence (like a Creative Commons Licence) so that everybody may make use of your work for free. Depending on what you prefer people may publish and edit your document - or not. It' s your choice! After finding the right licence you just have to upload your file to YourPapers.org and create database entries, like the document's title, a short description and so on.

Is it comparable to Wikipedia?

Partly yes. Like in Wikipedia everyone will be able to publish (mainly) everything. The main difference of YourPapers.org is that you are still in full control of your work. In Wikipedia everyone owns and may edit anything, which is fantastic. But the counterpart of this principle is that your work, even it if is excellent, might be edited or deleted. YourPapers.org will only publish papers that can be assigned to an author (or a group of authors).

How do I know whether a papers is good?

Publishing a document at YourPapers.org does not necessarily mean that no one is allowed to edit and correct it. If you give people the right to do so it's fine. Apart from that there will be a possibility to place comments and to rate a document.

Does it cost me any money?

We will neither charge you a fee for uploading documents nor for viewing them. YourPapers.org will be completely free and community-owned.

Is it possible to participate and to contact you?

Of course! Just send an email to sebastian.lammermann@yourpapers.org.